Support & FAQs

How to Pair the ARCHT One using Bluetooth?
  1. Toggle the source input on the Capacitive Touch to Bluetooth. There will be a beep tone and the Bluetooth LED will start to flash between Blue and Red to indicate a waiting for a connection.
  2. Locate the Bluetooth button at the back of Archt One.
  3. Press the Button just once' (do not press and hold) to start the pairing process, you will hear a 2 toned beep / voice prompt and the Bluetooth light starts to flash between Blue and Red promptly.
  4. From a smart device, enable the Bluetooth function of the device. Scan for Bluetooth device and your Archt One 4XXX will be located.
  5. Select Archt One 4XXX to connect. There will be a connection beep or voice prompt to indicate successful connection.
How to Connect to ARCHT One using Apple Airplay?
  1. Once the speaker is powered up and the WiFi light is blinking slowly, go into your iPhone/iPad WiFi settings.
  2. ARCHT One will appear in a section below your WiFi networks. Select it.
  3. On the next screen, rename ARCHT One as you wish.
  4. Select it and AirPlay setup will take place. Click 'Done' when setup is complete. Do not worry about the app for now. It has been submitted for approval and will be released later.
  5. Now, select the music of your choice.
  6. Once done, slide up from the bottom of the screen, and on the bar that says AirDrop, you will see AirPlay appear. Touch that and it will show ARCHT One.
  7. Select Archt Audio, and as Steve puts it 'magic happens...'
How to do a WiFi Setup using an Android Device?
The following demonstrates Archt One connection to a home network without using an iOS device. Note that this process uses your router and it needs to be WPS enabled.
  1. Power up Archt One and wait for it to boot up for 1 minute. Thereafter, the Wi-Fi indicator will blink at 1 blink/second. (This mean it is ready to connect via WPS mode.)
  2. Next, tap the Wi-Fi button once to trigger into connection mode, the Wi-Fi indicator will blink between orange and green promptly.
  3. Now, hold the WPS button on your home router for 3s. The home router WPS indicator will blink to establish a connection with Archt One within 10s. When connection is successful, the WPS indicator will stop blinking.
  4. Archt One will automatically connect to your Home network after 10s and a beep sound will be heard.
  5. If you do not have a WPS enabled router, or iOS device, we recommend using bluetooth mode or purchasing a WPS enabled router.
How to Power On & Off ARCHT One?
To power your speaker on and off hold the PLAY/Pause button for 3 seconds.
Having trouble Pairing Device using Bluetooth?
Here's what we suggest that should make it work:
  1. Reset the entire system by holding the bluetooth and wifi buttons (at the back) down for 5 seconds. All lights will go off and the unit will restart in WiFi mode (as if you just powered it in). The WiFi (green) lights will blink quickly, then slowly (about 1 blink/second). When the WiFi lights blink slowly, that means the ARCHT One is ready.
  2. Press the mode select button (on top of the Sound Array) once. This will bring the ARCHT One to bluetooth mode.
  3. Go into bluetooth settings in your device. Turn bluetooth on.
  4. Tap the bluetooth button at the back of ARCHT One. You should hear a "two beep" sound. That means the ARCHT One is ready to be paired via bluetooth. ARCHT One should appear in your "other devices" menu.
  5. Finally, select ARCHT One from your device and you should be good to go! You should hear a "beep" sound to indicate your iphone is connected to ARCHT One.
  6. Select your music and enjoy ARCHT One!
How do i connect 2 ARCHT One Wirelessly for Stereo Pair?
  1. Click here for a step by step video guide
  2. Power up two ARCHT Ones and wait for them to boot up (there will be a beep sound)
  3. Switch both units to the Bluetooth input.
  4. Choose one to be the Master unit, hold the Bluetooth button at the back of the unit for 3 seconds (there will be a two-tone confirmation sound)
  5. On the other unit (Slave), hold the mode select button on the Sound Array unit both the master Bluetooth LED becomes blue & the slave becomes blue. There will be a final confirmation tone to indicate both speakers are linked.
  6. Connect to the master unit with your Bluetooth source (iPhone, etc), just as you would if it was a single unit, and enjoy your music!
  7. For future use, only power up one speaker at a time. Wait until you see the speakers in Bluetooth Mode.
How to connect multiple ARCHT One speakers using Airplay (Multi-zone WiFi)
Click here for a step by step video guide.
How to update ARCHT One Firmware (using ARCHT One App)?
  1. Launch the ARCHT One app.
  2. Tap on the "About" button.
  3. Follow the instructions.
  4. ARCHT One will beep to indicate a successful connection after 30s.
Steps to pair with iPod
  1. From iPod setting, select Bluetooth and turn it on.
  2. From Archt, switch to Bluetooth mode.
  3. Tap on the Bluetooth Button behind the Archt, there will be a 2 tones sound, the Bluetooth light will flash RED and BLUE.
  4. If there is no 2 tones sound in step 3, power down the archt one mains. Then power it up again.
  5. Wait for 45s for the Archt to boot up. Then repeat step 2.
  6. Once the ARCHT is seen from your iPod, tap on it and connection will be established. Then start play back on your iPod to enjoy your music.