ARCHT Audio (pronounced as ‘ark’, in short for architecture) has made exciting progress in revolutionizing the lifestyle audio industry.

In 2014, December, we wrapped up our very first Kickstarter campaign successfully, raising $242,000 from 519 backers who backed ARCHT One and our game-changing approach to audio technology. We were even awarded Kickstarter Staff Pick!

Since then, we had our Sound Array patent granted worldwide. Within 6 months from our Kickstarter campaign, we completed ARCHT One production and delivered all ARCHT One orders! By July 2015, we launched our online sales on Amazon and our own website. Leading names in both the media and the audio industry members are taking note of ARCHT Audio and our unique design and technology! We’ve been featured in Uncrate, Gizmag, Esquire, Digital Trends, Men’s Journal and the Huffington Post UK,  and many many more …

Up next for ARCHT Audio: We want to build a global acoustic brand by accelerating growth through online and retail sales and development of exciting new ARCHT Audio products, that deliver the signature ARCHT Audio combination of quality and convenience.

ARCHT attended CES 2016, where we announced our new technology developments and additional product roadmap. Come Spring 2016, we will be distributing ARCHT One to retail stores in select countries, along with another crowdfunding campaign to showcase new upcoming products. By the end of 2016, we will have a family of products that extend the 360 ARCHT experience.